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How advertising changes each year yet always stays the same!

Posted by on Oct 1, 2016 in Advertising | No Comments

Advertising and Marketing Changes

What used to be press ads and local radio messages is now just as likely to be Facebook or Twitter postings and Instagram photos. Where a great deal of business might have been gained through a regularly-changed shop window, it’s now equally probable that a vibrant web presence drives customers into your arms.

Of course, all these more traditional methods have their place, but year-by-year it’s becoming more vital to make sure your business communications move to where your potential customers are. You then need to talk to them in the way they communicate among themselves, rather than simply in the manner you are keen to use to speak to them.

Here at our online marketing company based in Hampshire, we also appreciate that much in advertising hasn’t really changed. The process of persuading people to buy is still the same. It’s about identifying prospects, understanding the reasons that they will buy, and then speaking to those reasons in a positive and interesting way. It’s still about turning that initial interest into buying action.

Adhering to these basic tenets is still important. Making sure the actual delivery process is in-the-now is increasingly crucial. Communication is through the use of social media, careful search engine optimisation techniques, and powerful and fluent content – all delivered in a manner suited to the range of devices used to access it. The key question today is: how effectively are you managing this changing process?